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5 Proven Effective Ways Using Widgefly Social Proof Boosts Sales Funnels
Social Proof is a system by which you frequently use the Social Influence tools that Widgefy provides to broadcast the influentially positive actions of others to increase the interest and actions of your potential customers, which influence and lead them to buy into what you are selling or promoting.
1. Customer Testimonials, Case Studies, and Spotlights
Customer testimonials are social proof gold. They come in all shapes and sizes – text, images, videos, long stories, short quotes etc. For businesses with a consultative sales process, you can use a Widgefly to display a case study or testimonial that demonstrates how your product helps solve your customers’ problems.
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Widgefly Rating Feedback
2. Online Reviews & Ratings
With over 88% of online shoppers looking at reviews before making a purchase, online reviews are a critical part of a successful business’s marketing strategy. They can affect your company’s web presence and overall online or offline reputation. Whether a customer Googles your business, uses GPS to find your location, or researches your competitors, they’re going to see your online reviews, and it’s going to influence their purchasing decision.
3. Trust Symbols, Awards, Associations, & Affiliations
Trust symbols are website badges (recognized and provided by third-parties) that signal to visitors that your business is trustworthy. Widgefly provides you with various types of the top trust symbols you consider display on your sites to increase your credibility and boost sales. In addition, you can add your own.
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4. Press Mentions
Like testimonials and reviews, positive coverage by the media shows your customers that your business is worthy of attention. Widgefly helps you present your products, services, and business mentions from news outlets.
5. Real-Time Customer Activity Notifications
Widgefly provides you with all the recent trends in social proof marketing by displaying real-time customer activity on your website (e.g., displaying the total number of people of have visited, viewed, signed up or made a purchase on your site). In doing so, you will essentially show people there’s a line outside your business anxious to buy your products or services.
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Simple Setup Steps

Here Are Some Widgefly Examples


For e-commerce sites and click funnel landing page Limited Time Offers Flash Sales

Live Counter

Ideal for Blog Sites and E-commerce to show live Site Traffic.

Email & Lead Capture

Capture Sales Leads Email Addresses, Product and Service Inquiries

Cookie Notification

Add Cookie alerts on Blog Sites and E-commerce Sites without plugins

User Feedback

Gauge User Thoughts and Measure their Interest in your products or content


Effective way to boost visiting users confidence and gauger real-time user activity

Video Promos and Ads

Schedule Video Presentations and Video Advertisements to visitors

Random Review

Show other users confidence in your brand or service to boost conversion

Social Lead Capture

Increase Social Media Followers and Capture Social Media Leads

Sales & Lead Conversions

Track Lead and Sales Conversions of visitors to your sites

User Sentiment

Gauge Users Thoughts and Measure User Interest to your products or services

Latest Conversion

For e-commerce sites and click funnel landing page Limited Time Offer Flash Sales


Capture new customers as well as cross or up-sell existing ones


All charges are billed in USD. Monthly recurring charges are billed every 30 days

Frequently Asked Questions

An Impression represents a single displayed trigger on your website.

Adding additional websites to your account is simple. You can add websites up to the amount as indicated on your purchased plan.

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In order to remove the Widgefly badge you need to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Widgefly prohibits the use of any fake data and provide true website analytics for real authentic marketers. Accounts that are flagged for using fake data can be terminated immediately.